Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day #17

(pic taken with my Samsung Epic)

WAFFLES!!!   And not just any boring plain waffles....these are whole wheat bacon & chocolate waffles :-)    I was inspired by a December episode of Rachael Ray's daytime show when she made one of her "Breakfast for Dinner" meals: Crazy Bacon and Chocolate Waffles with Mulled Maple Syrup.
When I first watched the episode, I was very hesitant about the combination of bacon and chocolate, even though I've seen it used more and more throughout the culinary and baking worlds.  But recently I tried a bacon chocolate bar, and it was delicious!!   Plus, I received a Belgian waffle maker for Christmas... so what better reasons to try it out?  :-)
Instead of using Rachael's recipe, I followed the basic waffle recipe from the instructions that came with the waffle maker.  I substituted whole wheat flour instead of plain flour, then added mini semi-sweet chocolate chips and crumbed hickory maple bacon.   Topped the waffles with a little butter and some dark amber maple syrup.  And gobbled the whole plate down :)  Mmmmm delicious!!
Along with the waffles, I had a little cup of Greek yogurt mixed up with frozen berries (and a little Splenda and almond extract).

Grains (whole wheat flour), protein (bacon), dairy (yogurt), and fruit (berries) - not too bad for a breakfast-type dinner! 


  1. You are weakening my resolve! I adore waffles but find them not to be figure friendly :-). I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. Waffles for dinner is a wonderful idea!