Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day #24

Today's my birthday!!   And like all good birthdays, it included a nice birthday dinner.   Tonight my parents and I went to Square One Brewery in the Lafayette Square Neighborhood.  The food was delicious, the beer was good, and I ate too much.  Here are a couple pics.  The lighting was rather dim, so the pics are dark :(

For an appetizer we ordered the Beer Pretzels - two warm buttery salty Bavarian retzels with dipping sauces: a jalapeno cheddar and a Pale Ale mustard.  (We were halfway through the plate when my dad reminded me to take a picture.)    My beer was a Bavarian Wiezen.  It was good!

My dinner was a Monte Cristo sandwich (Grilled ham steak on French toast with fontina spread and cherry mostarda) and their homemade pub chips (a blend of Idaho and sweet potato chips).   Excellent!!  I really enjoyed this sandwich and ate every bite.  

For my birthday dessert, I went back to my parents' house and we had pie.  A chocolate caramel pecan pie.  I forgot to write down the exact name of it.  But it was good and rich and I couldn't finish my slice!

Thanks everyone for stopping by my blog.  I didn't realize how many of my friends were viewing this until I saw all your message on my Facebook page today.  I'm glad I'm not just typing to myself :)

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  1. Yummy ...looks like excellent birthday food! The pie and the danwich look delish! Happy birythday...and I am where ever there are pictures of food or food or drinks or chocolate!