Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day #39

After all the chocolate I ate at the office today, I figured I should eat something light & healthy for dinner. So I made myself a salad. Mixed greens, romaine lettuce, green pepper, onion, mushrooms, walnuts, and poppyseed dressing.

A friend posed the following question to me one night on Facebook:  "don't you find it strange that you eat so many salads during the winter?"

Which got me thinking. Am I weird? I just enjoy a good salad. They are quick and easy to make, refreshing, and versatile. True, salads are generally considered a "summer; dish, because they are light and more veggies are in season then. But should our eating habits be defined by the seasons? Does that mean I can't have soup during the summer?

So what do you think.... am I weird for eating so many salads during the winter?


  1. When I have to "cook" for myself, like when I moved to St Louis before Aaron, I eat a ton of salads. They're easy and don't make a lot of dirty dishes. Plus they're healthy and super versatile. So I would say no, but maybe I'm weird too?

  2. I don't think it's weird at all - salad always sounds good to me, and there are so many ways to change them up, they never get boring. A good salad is always in season. :D