Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day #53

Tonight - steak and risotto.

The steak was a loin strip steak that I picked up at the grocery store. Last night I rubbed it with salt, pepper, and a Chipotle seasoning rub, then marinated it in a plastic food bag with a combination of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a couple dashes of soy sauce. I let that hang out in my fridge for 24 hours. When I opened the bag this evening, it had a spicy-sweet odor from the combination of seasonings. I patted the steak down with a paper towel to remove extra moisture before putting it in my pre-heated skillet with a little butter and olive oil. (I read that tidbit in my Williams-Sonoma cookbook...the combination of oil & butter will give you the buttery taste with the higher temperatures allowed by the oil. I figured I'd test it out.) Also to the skillet I added a couple sprigs of green onion that I tore into pieces. Figured it would add a little flavor.  It smelled delicious the whole time it was cooking, and was juicy & flavorful!

While the steak was cooking, I cooked up the butternut squash risotto. No, I didn't make it from scratch. It was a boxed mix that I bought from Target. I've never eaten risotto before, and I wasn't daring enough to try cooking it from scratch. Learning to cook risotto is on my "culinary bucket list" for 2011. Someday. This boxed risotto was easy enough to make, and tasted pretty good!

 The photo is my failed attempt at a fancy presentation....

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