Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day #56

I lost track of time this afternoon, and next thing I knew my stomach was growling, it was 5:00pm, and I had nothing cooking for dinner.   So I rifled through my pantry and found a bag of Knorr Sides Plus Veggies pasta - the Roasted Garlic, Olive Oil, & Broccoli Rotini flavor.   I wanted to amp up the veggies, so while the pasta was cooking in it's pot, I heated up a small skillet with a little olive oil.  To the skillet I sauteed some diced onion, bell pepper (red & green), frozen peas, chopped artichoke hearts, and some diced deli-thin hard salami.  Seasoned it all with salt & pepper, tossed the veggie mix into the cooked pasta, and served.   I'm a little bummed that I didn't have any cheese to add to the pasta, but it was still good.   Much better than the original plain pasta bag mix :)

My dessert was inspired by tonight's Academy Awards Red Carpet - vanilla bean ice cream with frozen peach slices, raspberries, whipped cream, gold sugar flakes, and pearl nonpareils:

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