Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day #74 - St. Patrick's Pasta

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Since I'm not having the traditional corned beef & cabbage supper for St. Pat's, I decided to make some green pasta.  I had some leftover sandwich filling from last night (diced ham, turkey, artichoke hearts, and spinach), so decided to put it to use.   While the whole wheat penne was cooking, I heated up some pesto sauce on the stovetop, and stirred in the spinach-artichoke mixture.   I drained the pasta (apparently no enough, as my pesto thinned out), mixed in the pesto-spinach-artichoke sauce, then tossed in some shredded Italian-blend cheeses.  I let that all cook together in the pot for a minute or two, then piled it up on my plate.  With another handful of cheese on top for good measure.   Served with a wedge of sourdough bread to mop up the sauce. 

Green and delicious. 


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