Monday, April 18, 2011

Day #106 - Chicken Parmesean

This meal changed several times tonight....
When I first started getting ready for dinner, I thought about making a bowl of chili (I had a can of Campbell's Roadhouse Chili in my pantry).  I got out some shredded cheddar, green onions, and Frito corn chips to top my bowl of chili.  I decided that I should probably have something healthy along with the chili, so I pulled out all the salad fixings.   I proceeded to make a salad of romaine lettuce, green bell pepper, Gorgonzola cheese, balsamic vinegarette, and dried cranberries.   When I realized those flavors didn't go well with the chili, I put the can of chili back into the pantry, and searched for something else to eat.   I remembered that I had bought some beef smoked sausage my last time at the grocery store, so maybe I would just make that real quick.  But when I went to the fridge yet again to get the sausage, I saw the container of leftover brown rice pilaf from last night.  Hmmm...what could I eat with the rice?   My eye noticed the jar of sun-dried tomato pesto in the fridge, and that gave me an idea.  So I pulled out a frozen breaded chicken breast filet from the freezer, microwaved it, topped it with the tomato pesto, added some shredded cheese, and called it a quick Chicken Parmesean.   Reheated the rice, and called it dinner.

So the final dinner result.... quick Chicken Parmesean, brown rice pilaf with Italian seasonings, and my Balsamic salad with cranberries & Gorgonzola cheese.

I was quite the indecisive cook tonight.  Do you ever have nights like that??

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  1. I've done the chicken patty parmesean before in a pinch time. Not too bad either.