Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day #109 - Tomato Mozzerella Salad

I made something light for dinner tonight - a chopped tomato mozzerella salad.

I sliced some fresh mozzerella balls, cut the slices in fourths, and then added them to a medium mixing bowl.   I chopped a tomato, diced a red onion, and dumped these veggies into the bowl with the mozzerella.  I seasoned the "salad" with salt, pepper, dried basil (I forgot to buy fresh), and dried chives, then drizzled some extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar over the ingredients, and tossed until well-coated.   On my plate, I took a few chunks of crusty Italian bread, and piled all the salad on top.   And then garnished with some additional dried basil.


  1. Love this. I keep meaning to buy the stuff to throw together for lunches but I never seem to have the mozzerella and a good tomato at the same time :-)

  2. My mouth is watering just looking at the photo! Bread Co, eat your heart out!