Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day #97 - Fazoli's

Went out to dinner tonight with my parents.   We went to Fazoli's.   I tried one of their new "Old School" pastas - Chicken Bianco.   Gemelli pasta with alfredo sauce, pesto, chicken, and Italian ham (looked like ham, but spiced like pepperoni).  And of course, the delicious buttery Fazoli's breadsticks!

From looking online, the Chicken Bianco is a limited-time dish:
"Old School can be a good thing.  Case in point: Fazoli’s four new Old School Italian dishes.  They include Chicken Bianco, Italian Meatza, Ravioli Florentine, and Sausage Cannelloni.  All are made with bold ingredients that are baked to perfection.  The four dishes are available until the end of May at participating locations for just $4.99 in most locations."
So if it sounds good to you, rush over to your neighborhood Fazoli's and pick some up :)

I thought it was very good.   I will probably try making an at-home version of this dish sometime in the near future :)

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