Monday, May 9, 2011

Day #127 - BBQ Beef

Summer has landed here in St. Louis.  Temperatures above 80, and the start of humidity.    So it's no wonder that I was inspired to have a summery meal for dinner:
Pulled BBQ Beef
Baby Carrots

The BBQ beef came from the grocery store, so all I had to do was microwave it.   I didn't have any hamburger buns, so I ate it on a hot dog bun.  I started putting down a layer of mixed greens on my bun, to help it from getting soggy, but also add a little nutritional bonus.   I then topped with with a generous helping of the BBQ beef, and topped with shredded cheddar cheese.    The tortilla strip chips were there to scoop up any beef that fell off the bun.  And the baby carrots with Ranch dressing are to represent the vegetable portion of my dinner.

A nice, simple, summertime dinner!

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