Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day #142 - Chocolate-Chipotle Pork Roast

 Tonight's dinner revolved around a Rub that I received from my mom.  To be specific, a Dove Chocolate Sweet'N'Spicy Cocoa Rub.  Brown Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Sea Salt, Chiles, Garlic, Onion, & Paprika make up the ingredients list.   At first glance, this rub looks like cocoa powder, and has a slight sense of cocoa.  But then the spices take over.  This was my first time using the rub, so I decided to test it with some pork. 

I took a small pork loin rib roast, seasoned it with salt & pepper, and then covered it with the cocoa rub.  I let this marinade in the fridge overnight, then tonight I roasted it in my oven for an hour.   At the same time, I also roasted some quartered red potatoes and broccoli florets, which I tossed with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

After cooking, I couldn't pick up much of the cocoa flavor from the rub any more, but I did taste the spice part!  It wasn't overwhelming, but it was present.   And actually, the taste of the rub worked really well against the pork and roasted vegetables.

I look forward to trying more meats with this rub!  Thanks, mom!

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