Friday, June 10, 2011

Day #159 - BBQ and Sausage Roll-Ups

You get two meals today for the price of one!!

Today was our first summer bar-be-que at my office. We have them monthly each June, July and August. Today's menu consisted of BBQ smoked ribs, chicken breasts, and hot dogs, a tomato & cucumber Balsamic salad, Gorgonzola Snap Pea Potato Salad (which I made), an assortment of chips, and Klondike bars for dessert:

The potato salad recipe came from one of my favorite food/recipe blogs: Coconut & Lime.
Rachel (the blog author) posted a recipe for Gorgonzola Garlic Chive Pea Shoot Potato Salad  on Monday, and after mentioning it to my manager, he suggested I make it for the bar-be-que. Instead of using the pea shoot greens in the recipe, I substituted sugar snap peas, which I cut into forths. They added a nice sweet crunch to the potato salad! Everyone I talked to really enjoyed this salad, and it is one I would recommend you try for your own picnics and bar-be-ques this summer!

After that large lunch, I didn't end up eating supper until later this evening.   I took a pre-cooked cheddar beef sausage, sliced it in half lengthwise, and rolled each one in half of a whole-grain tortilla with some BBQ sauce, pickle relish, and swiss cheese.   I guess they would be mock pigs-in-the-blankets? 

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