Monday, July 25, 2011

Day #204 - Chipotle Corn Chicken

 This is a mixture that I sort of made up as I went along.

I started by bringing 2 cups of water to a boil in a small skillet, and then cooking 1 cup of quinoa for 15 minutes (per package instructions) over medium heat.

While the quinoa was cooking, I prepped the rest of my ingredients:  1 cup of frozen corn kernel, 1/2 apple (peeled and diced), and 1 large boneless skinless chicken breast (cut into 1-inch cubes).   I put the chicken cubes in a tupperware bowl, seasoned with salt, pepper, and chipotle seasoning, and added a few drizzles of lime juice.  I put the lid on the tupperware and shook to fully coat the chicken cubes.  

Once the quinoa was cooked, I removed it from the heat and let it rest.    During this time, I heated up a little olive oil in my skillet, and cooked the chicken cubes until no longer pink, about 6 minutes.  I then dumped in the corn kernels, and sauteed with the chicken for another 3-4 minutes.   I seasoned the chicken & corn mixture with a little more chipotle seasoning, and a palmful of dried herbs (parsley, oregano, and chive).  I then added the diced apple, and let it all sautee for another couple minutes.

The apple & corn added a little bit of sweetness to cut the spice of the chipotle seasoning on the chicken.  And the lime juice that was added to the chicken added a nice little twist of flavor in the background.

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