Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day #213 - Friar Tuck's & Black Bear Diner

Day #3 on vacation.  Today we drove down to the small town of Carmel-by-the-Sea.  We walked around the streets for a bit, then stopped for lunch at a place called Friar Tuck's.  I ordered the Club Sandwich - turkey, ham, bacon, and cheese, on toasted bread, with a side of potato salad.  It was a good classic club sandwich, perfect for a light lunch.

After lunch, we stopped at the Carmel Mission and Carmel State Beach for a few photo ops, then proceeded to the 17-Mile Drive through Pebble Beach.  Unfortunately the sky was very overcast, so my photos didn't turn out as beautifully as they could have been.   After exiting the 17-Mile Drive, we drove through the city of Monterey, and stopped for dinner at the Black Bear Diner.

I ordered the Roadhouse BBQ Tri-Tip Platter - Sliced, marinated tri-tip served with onion rings and homemade cole slaw.  It also came with a small garden salad (which I had with blue cheese dressing) and a warm cornbread muffin.   The tri-tip was very juicy and flavorful and tender, and melted in my mouth.  The onion rings were crispy and perfectly fried, without being too greasy.  Overall, my entire dinner was delicious, and I couldn't finish all of it.    The family ordered two pies (Chocolate Cream and Coconut Cream), which we took back to my brother's apartment for dessert later in the evening.

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