Friday, August 12, 2011

Day #222 - Birthday Burgers

Happy Birthday to my cousin, Michelle!!

Tonight we had a birthday dinner for Michelle.  The menu consisted of Grandburgers Gram Burgers* (giant burgers with an onion/cheese/pickle relish filling), bowtie Mac & Cheese, salad with a variety of dressing choices (I used the Dove Chocolate Fig Vinaigrette), chips & dip, and fruit pizza (which I ate without taking a picture).

And for dessert, birthday cake & ice cream!! The birthday cake was a spice cake colored in the Hogwarts house colors.  It's difficult to tell in this photo, because the icing smeared when the cake was cut, but even the icing in between the layers was colored per the houses - red cake with gold icing for Gryffindor, green cake with silver icing for Slytherin, blue cake with bronze icing for Ravenclaw, and yellow cake with black icing for Hufflepuff.  Very creative, girls, very creative!!

*I have been kindly corrected by my cousin.  They are called Gram Burgers, not Grandburgers. Everyone says the name so fast it all blends together, and the letters M & N sound remarkably similar.   I had a 50/50 chance at typing it correctly.

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  1. We actually call them Gram Burgers, after the people who used to live next to the aunts. They were the first ones to introduce them to the wonderful deliciousness of those stuffed burgers.