Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day #224 - Island Chicken Sandwich

Are you sick of seeing chicken patty sandwiches yet?   I've fallen back into my pre-blog eating habits - too lazy to go grocery shopping and too lazy to do any active cooking.    I'm even behind in my posts, so they don't appear until a couple days after I actually eat them.   I was doing so great for the first 200 posts of my blog, and now I'm letting all my followers down.  But at least I'm still taking pictures each night, which was the original intent of the blog.    Maybe this weekend I'll spend some time browsing my large stacks of cookbooks, food magazines, and printed recipes, and pick out a couple new recipes to try.  Maybe that will spark my food "energy" again.

Anyway, so tonight I made a chicken patty sandwich with sweet potato fries.  About halfway into the cooking time, I took them out of the oven to add some seasonings.  I took a tablespoon of coconut milk and mixed in some of the Sweet Island Blend spices (the ones I bought in San Francisco).  I brushed it onto the chicken patty and drizzled it over the sweet potato fries, and then put everything back in the oven to finish cooking.  The coconut milk helped the seasonings soak into the chicken patty and fries.  
The rest of the sandwich consisted of a whole grain Sandwich Thin, swiss cheese, and a little mustard.

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