Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day #233 - Summer Succotash

Tonight I tried out a new recipe - Prosciutto-spiked Summer Succotash.   I found the recipe while I was exploring the website and blog of The Spice & Tea Exchange, and had to try it out!

This succotash consisted of chopped prosciutto, onion, bell pepper, sweet corn, edamame, a splash of milk, and a combination of assorted spices.   Since I don't own any of the TSTE spices mentioned in the recipe, I substituted others from my spicerack - a little each of Pampered Chef's Crushed Peppercorn & Garlic Rub and Jamaican Jerk Rub, and TSTE's Island Sweet Blend.  

This recipe would work using regular bacon, or even diced ham, but I wanted to splurge and treat myself to the prosciutto.   I actually found a package of diced prosciutto in the grocery store - the brand was Volpi, which I didn't realize was a St. Louis company!!   I'm not even the tiniest bit Italian, but I felt a little surge of hometown pride using this product.

The dish was bright and colorful, and packed with flavor.   And in my logic, the nutrients of the peppers and edamame balance out the prosciutto.   I ended up eating two servings tonight, and I already have another serving packed for my lunch at work tomorrow.

P.S. Clicking on the title of the recipe just below the photo will take you to the blog where you can find the original recipe.  I highly recommend this one!

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