Monday, September 5, 2011

Day #246 - Malone's

Happy Memorial Day!

Tonight I went out to dinner with parents and my grandmother.   We went to Malone's Grill & Pub in Crestwood, MO.   It was my first time there.  It looked like your typical bar - sports memorabilia all over the walls, and TVs scattered around showing various sports & news programs.

I decided to give their sirloin steak a try, since that is one item I seem to struggle cooking for myself.  I can never cook a good steak.   I ordered their 6oz sirloin steak, with sides of steamed broccoli and cottage cheese.  (Again, trying to choose healthier options.)

The steak was cooked a perfect medium, just how I like it.  SO juicy and flavorful, and it melted in my mouth.   Best steak I've had in a long time.  The broccoli was also steamed perfectly - still had a little bite to it, and it wasn't mushy.  It was seasoned with black pepper, which was a pleasant burst of flavor.  (The cottage cheese was just normal.)

Thanks for dinner, mom & dad!

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