Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day #277 - Strip Steak and Sauteed Vegetables

Tonight I made a pan-seared strip steak with sauteed vegetables, served over a bed of brown rice.

I found a nice piece of strip steak on special at the grocery store tonight.  I coated the steak with Espresso Steak Rub, and let it come to room temperature on the counter for a mini-marinate as I waited for my saute pan to preheat.   Once the pan was nice and hot, I added the steak and seared it for about 6 minutes on each side.   I removed the steak from the pan to rest, added a little olive oil to the pan, and then sauteed my vegetables (frozen snap peas and yellow squash strips).

After the vegetables were cooked, I sliced my steak into strips, and then piled the vegetables and steak atop a serving of brown rice.

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