Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day #336 - Advent by Candlelight

Tonight I attended an Advent By Candlelight service at my parish.   At the event, each table was responsible for their own place settings & food.  My mom and one of her fellow teachers were the hostesses of our table, and put together this nice light supper for us to share during the service.   We had chilled strawberry soup with whipped cream, served in crystal wine glasses, mini chicken salad sandwiches, crescent-roll crust veggie pizza, a relish tray of olives & pickle slices, and potato chips.  Dessert included an assortment of mini cheesecakes with fruit filling and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate mousse frosting, with our choice of coffee, hot chocolate, or tea.   Our meal was served on beautiful Christmas china dishes with real tablecloths and napkins, and several small candles set around the table.  It was a lovely candlelight dinner, shared with family and friends.

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